RecFIN Surveys


Shore fishing and Inland Boat Recreational Fishery Sampling


Shore and estuary boat (SEB) sampling in Oregon is intended to produce catch and effort estimates for three modes of marine recreational fishing: man-made structures (MM), beaches and banks (BB), and private and rental boats (PR). Shore modes (MM and BB) include fishing that occurs in the ocean and in estuaries, while the PR mode includes only estuary fishing.

An angler intercept survey, based on access-point survey methodology from the Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey (MRFSS), is used to calculate catch per unit effort (CPUE). A telephone survey of angling license holders is used to estimate angler effort. Catch estimates will be calculated using CPUE from the angler intercept survey and trip estimates from the telephone survey.

The charter and guide boat mode (PC) in Oregon estuaries is limited to salmon and sturgeon fishing which, along with striped bass fishing, is not sampled by the SEB intercept survey. The SEB telephone survey, on the other hand, will include (at least initially) ocean boat fishing and salmon/sturgeon/striped bass fishing so that effort estimates from three sources; the SEB license frame telephone survey, the MRFSS Coastal Household Telepghone Survey (CHTS), and Oregon Recreational Boat Survey (ORBS); can be compared.

Estimates of catch and effort are made for each mode (MM, BB, PC and PR), for each water area (inland or ocean), for each fishery (salmon, halibut, tuna, sturegon, or bottomfish), and for each wave (2-month period).

Technical Reports